Our Outdoor Adventure Friends

Our AKC Portuguese Water Dog dams and sires have been health tested and cleared for genetic diseases common to Portuguese Water Dogs, such as PRA, EOPRA, GM1, JDCM, and hip abnormalities. We go even further though and DNA test them for over 250 genetic diseases. They are strong and healthy, having the run of hundreds of acres overlooking Pike's Peak and the Colorado Rockies. Our portie puppies naturally love outdoor adventure and an active lifestyle.

Ms. Tessa is a real snuggle bug. She can always be found on a bed or a couch snuggling with any willing party. She is a loose curly who is mostly black with silver fox coloring on her chest and legs. She is gentle and sweet and a favorite companion.

Mr. Leo is as sweet as he is fun. He is a wavy black and white parti. A true lover and a constant companion seeking to please at all times. He is extremely obedient, loyal, and gentle. We think he could definitely be in the running for "Best Dog Ever."

Ms. Maggie is a black wavy with silver fox coloring on her front. While she can be fun and playful when a game is afoot she loves most snuggling up with a favorite companion on the couch. 

Mr. Jax is a sweetheart, a real companion wanting to always be with his people. He has silky soft black and white wavy hair and is a fun and spunky friend to all.

Ms. Olive is a constant companion on each and every adventure. And one that turns heads while out and about due to her gorgeous brown/bronze fox coloring!

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